Cremalato is a popsicle and gelato-based business which has years of experience in the gelato industry. Cremalato receives great traction from its customer through social media and other marketing endeavors. As of now, Cremalato has become a leading contender in the gelato market by challenging the old players in the game. They use Instagram as the main marketing platform to promote their products. Cremalato utilized third-party services such as Uber-eats and Pickme food to serve their customers. Our task was to provide a fully customized in-house e-commerce solution to automate their business process.



There were a series of challenges we had to face during the development stage of this project. First and foremost, the customer mentioned that the popsicle flavors will be changed drastically depending on the demand. They needed a “combo box” feature that enables their customers to buy multiple popsicles as a package. The user can select which package to proceed with and pick popsicles corresponding to the selected size of the combo box from any available flavors. Also, the customer requested the “send as a gift” feature along with the other functionalities. Another major challenge was to send the order details to the driver via WhatsApp with the exact delivery location. Moreover, the user interface was also another serious challenge because the UI/UX should well complement with their Instagram feed.



Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our development team, we were able to overcome all obstacles and achieve remarkable success during the development phase. The combo box feature was implemented along with the solicited extra features according to the customer’s requirement. On our side, we have suggested an admin mobile app to easily manage the orders and interact with the driver. Even with these challenging features we were able to deliver the project before the estimated timeline.